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Witbank now known as Emalahleni started its first madressah with a musallah in the 60’s and 70’s in what was known as the Asiatic bazaar in the old location. Most of our children went out to study and thus attended madressahs there.

We had a sort of home schooling madressah with about 20-25 learners and 1 ustaad to accommodate learners in witbank.

During the late 80’s we i.e. the ummah of witbank under the auspices of The Witbank Muslim Jamaat were able to build our very first musjid and Madressah complex that can accommodate approxiamately 700 musalees in the then Indian area (under the group areas act) called Pine ridge.

Being a small population of about 200 -250 muslim men that would attend an Eid ghah. Our madressah used to accommodate about 75- 80 learners at most, with a structured syllabus under the Jamiat-Ul Ulemah South Africa and a staff compliment of at minimum 4 and maximum 6 ustaads/ asaatizah.

Since 1994 there was this major influx of Muslim artisans from various countries and this massive economic growth in Witbank.

Witbank was established as a City and thus became known as Emalahleni, with this came our brothers who came to do business as well i.e. the Turkish, Indian, Pakistani’s ,Indians, somali’s Sudanese and so forth.

A desperate need for a musallah to establish Jummah became evident in town and at that time our Mahroom Solly Chacha (Allah SWT grant him the highest stages in janaah) and his son Rashid Bhamjee who is also the Ameer of the Witbank Muslim Jamaat made available a facility in the central business district on a first floor a jamaat khana called the triangle building.

We quickly realized that we were outgrowing the facility and by about the year 2000 started negotiations to procure land for a musjid in town.

As far as the madressah goes we started a satellite madressah at the Jamaat khana to cater for the younger learners ie grade 00, 0 and 1 and started transporting our older learners to Pine Ridge for Madressah.

The Witbank Muslim Jamaat were finally successful after several hurdles with the Department of Public Works at procuring land for the purposes of establishing a Musjid in the Centre of our City in 2007 where after a bidding in a public open process the W.M.J. was awarded the current site.In December 2009 the deeds office transferred and registered the site from the local municipality to the W.M.J.


Due to the shortage of space for jummah in town and having outgrown the facility at the triangle building it was decided to start our jummah salaah in a temporary facility using two tents and a make shift wudhu khana.

A High court application was launched against the local municipality in 2010, by an organisation manufactured for the application calling itself ProPark. The W.M.J. needed to fulfill the needs of the musallees and proceeded with building a temporary structure that can accommodate to date approxiamately 900musallees.

While the case was on the The W.M.Jamaat established a fully fledged venue of prefab structures to house a madressah to accommodate the growing roll and learners in town.

After having litigated in the High Court in Pretoria ,and appealing the initial judgment in the Supreme Court of Appeal and partially repeating a process the W.M.J. successfully concluded the matter and in the late 2015 commenced with the building of our madressah section of our Musjid.

We today are housed in this new madressah whilst the building of the masjid continues. The madressah and musjid complex in Pine ridge is now a fully fledged dawah centre with a joint venture of the the Witbank muslim Jamaat and al Tawheed.with a hifz class and dormitory. Here in the Town madressah we have a roll of ____and a staff compliment of ____and run a formal structure with the talimi board and the jamiat syllabus.

The Musjid a face brick structure to reduce future maintainance, will inshaAllah be able to accommodate besides the 300 mothers and sisters on the first floor , 700 mussalees in the musjid proper, 200 mussalees in the Sahen area, 900 musalees in the courtyard, and 200 in the Qibla facing classrooms, thus 2000 male musallees and 300 female musallees.